Licensing Advice - Fire Safety

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Avon Fire and Rescue service provides advice and support to ensure that business owners comply with the Regulatory Reform 'Fire Safety' order and help businesses by providing advice and support in meeting the licensing objectives of the Licensing act 2003

As a Responsible Authority Avon Fire and Rescue service have a duty to be consulted as part of the licensing application process. The local Authorities of Bath and North east Somerset, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire and Bristol City are responsible for dealing with licensing and regulation of a wide range of activities, premises and vehicles.

The Fire and Rescue service can provide advice and support with the application process and we encourage business owners to make contact with Fire safety officers. As part of that process applicants must make sure they provide sufficient evidence that their premsies are safe from fire and have suitable emergency procideures. The Regulatory Reform Order must be complied with if it is relevant to your premises and supports the public safety element of the licensing objectives

The licensing process can be complicated and extensive. Each licence having separate notes and application forms. Sometimes other agencies are involved such as the Police, DVLA, Criminal Records Bureau and the local Planning, Environmental Health Services and Parish Councils.

By seeking advice at an early stage, Avon Fire and Rescue Service can provide appropriate advice and support to make the process easier and  help your business to grow.


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