Performance Reviews and Appraisals

Annual Performance Reviews

An annual performance review (Appraisal) is a formal discussion about an employee's development and performance. The review is a planning process. It involves reviewing the last period and setting a plan of action going forward.

Performance reviews are used to give constructive analysis on an employee’s performance. They cover the areas where they have excelled, their individual goals and what they need to do to help realise the wider ambitions of the company.

It is important that employees do not see appraisals or performance reviews as threatening. Instead they should be seen as a way in which they can improve their professional status within the company and feedback instances of where the company can help them improve.

Performance reviews are normally recorded on a Performance Review/Appraisal form which is agreed and signed by both the employee and the person carrying out the review. There are examples of Performance Review/Appraisal forms in the useful links section below.

Below are a few pointers in order to carry out successful performance reviews

Below is a list of topics that a performance review should cover along with some suggested questions:


Useful links:

ACAS - have a range of Performance Review/Appraisal form templates that can be used.

Word Templates – a simple appraisal form

Growth Hub Providers - for help with performance reviews and coaching.

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