Technology and innovation

Digital disruption and the opportunities that technology and innovation bring to business is huge. Both consumer and business behaviours are shifting in response to Covid-19, and increasing online sales and services has become a priority for businesses. Research, development and innovation is also critical to keep moving business forwards and finding new avenues for growth.

Use our programmes and grants to improve your digital presence, find new customers, build on ecommerce channels and bring new products to market. 

Trading Better Online

Get free, expert business support to grow your digital presence and increase online sales. You'll be matched with a consultant and supported with up to 4 days of hands-on guidance to develop and enhance your web presence. 

The Digital Engineering Technology and Innovation initiative (DETI)

DETI is starting as a two-year, research and development (R&D) initiative in the West of England. It will bring together advanced engineering companies, digital technology pioneers and universities to push the boundaries of digital engineering for the future, to help UK businesses maintain engineering leadership. DETI will help companies identify and develop the tools, technologies and processes they need to rapidly accelerate digital engineering capabilities and identify the skills needed to embed digital.

Business Innovation Fund

Get funding and expertise to help accelerate innovation in your business and bring new products, processes and services to market. 

Coming in 2021, the Business Innovation Fund can award grants to eligible businesses to progress research, development and innovation.