Effective Digital & Entrepreneurship Business Support for non-EU migrants

We are the West of England Combined Authority's Growth Hub. We provide free 360-degree business support for small and medium sized businesses in all sectors.


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If you’re a non-EU migrant or refugee, our Effective Digital Entrepreneurship and Business Support programme can give you free one-to-one business advice to help you become self-employed, start a business or learn new skills.

  • Get the professional skills and expertise you need to grow your business.
  • Get access to business training.
  • We’ll connect you with a professional business mentor.

How will it help me?

Join the free programme and you’ll get:

  • Training courses including product development, eCommerce, marketing, social media, Human Resources, customer acquisition, customer retention and digital;
  • A mentor you can discuss your ideas and development with;
  • One-to-one coaching;
  • Help in writing a business plan; and
  • Online training to improve your skills.

How do I apply?

You can join the free programme if you have the right to live and work in the UK, but you don’t have a UK, EU or Swiss passport.

It’s easy to join. Simply fill in this form or call us on 0117 456 6955 between 9:30am to 4.30pm, Monday - Friday and ask about the Effective Digital Entrepreneurship and Business Support programme.

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Our partner ACH

ACH, the Refugee Integration Services Provider and the West of England Combined Authority are working together to provide business entrepreneurship support to refugees and non-EU migrant nationals in the West of England.

ACH is an award-winning social enterprise providing a range of innovative and impactful support and integration services for refugees, black and minority ethnic groups and migrant individuals. ACH focuses on building individuals’ resilience in the job market, improving their skills and supporting refugees into sustainable, higher-level employment to develop their independence and ease their integration into UK life.

About the programme

This programme supports the launch, stabilisation and growth of non-EU migrants’ businesses through personalised business support. The EDEBS project support businesses through a network of volunteer mentors in the business sector, a digital platform for learning & training resources and one-to-one coaching. Led by ACH and with partners from Bristol’s School for Policy Studies and the West of England Combined Authority. This project has been part funded by the European Union Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.

To find out more information or if you know someone or are eligible yourself to get personalised business support from our EDEBS project, please email wearegrowth@westofengland-ca.gov.uk.

EDEBS is supported by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Funding (AMIF) Programme 2014-2020. Making management of migration flows more efficient across the European Union, this project has been part funded by the European Union Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. The above text reflects ACH and WECA’s views only and not those of the European Commission or the UKRA. In addition, neither the European Commission nor the UKRA is liable for any use that may be made of the information contained above.