Export Documentation

Export Documentation

Successful exporting comes down to getting the documentation right. Without documentation there is no contract, no transport and no payment.

European Union - Trading in the EU is very similar to trading in the UK. Products move freely across borders without custom checks. Invoices must show the buyer’s VAT registration number. If this isn’t shown, VAT must be charged at the prevailing UK rate.

Exporting outside the EU - VAT on all exports outside the EU are rated as zero with customs tariffs being charged at the point of entry to your chosen destination. Tariffs change from product to product and the paperwork submitted will need to reflect this. Depending on your product, an export license may be required. The documentation required will be different from country to country and can be a bit of a minefield. Fortunately, there are plenty of places you can go for help and advice.

Useful links:

Export for Growth - Local exporting expertise from Business West.

Gov.uk - detailed information on export documentation

HMRC – guidance on export

Department for International Trade – services available to all those looking to export

Chamber international – resources for businesses looking to export

Freight Forwarders – a search facility to find local freight forwarders

Gov.uk – list of UK embassies around the world and their contact details.

Growth hub providers – help with exporting

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