Workforce for the Future

To keep ahead of the competition, businesses need to adapt and evolve - and so does your workforce. Your employees will need to be equipped with new skills, knowledge and experience to enable your business to evolve and thrive. Workforce for the Future has been designed to help your business and your employees get fit for the future.


Graphic depicting a benefit of Workforce for the Future with WECA and EU logos

Bespoke support

Workforce for the Future provides tailored, in-depth support to help your business plan and adapt for the future by identifying your current and future skills needs, implementing development plans to upskill or retrain employees, and supporting you to bring in apprenticeships or work placements to drive your business forwards.

We can also connect your business with training and education providers to help shape the West of England's talent pool, ensuring our region is equipped to meet the needs of tomorrow.

Graphic depicting a benefit of Workforce for the Future with WECA and EU logos

Workforce for the Future will help your business:

  • Develop a more motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.
  • Attract new talent, improve staff retention and develop future leaders.
  • Capture the financial benefits of improved performance and elevated productivity.
  • Boost business resilience and flexibility to overcome future challenges.
  • Increase diversity and inclusivity in your workforce.
  • Safeguard jobs and support employees through change.

Tailored support for:

  • Workforce development planning
  • Access to training to support digital skills development
  • Access to resource such as an apprentice, intern, or work placement
  • Talent retention
  • Skills pathways, including secondary schools and colleges

Programme services

  1. Workforce development planning
  • Workforce for the Future will help you to create a workforce development plan to make sure your business is fit for the future. With the support of an experienced Skills Adviser, you will:
    • Develop and implement a Workforce Development Plan
    • Better understand your business' current, new and emerging skills needs
    • Identify relevant skills support, programmes or training options
    • Access a suite of online tools, resources and workshops
  1. Access to training and skills development
    • Workforce for the Future will support you to identify and implement staff training, such as increasing digital skills to meet changing business needs. Through the programme you will bring new skills to your business by:
      • Building your understanding of the training options for your staff
      • Accessing the right training & support to upskill or reskill your employees
      • Joining a support network to share and learn from best practice
  1. Access to resource
    • Secure the right resource for your business - such as an apprentice, intern, or work placement. Workforce for the Future can help you:
      • Identify where an apprenticeship or placement could be created
      • Access financial support to fund the role
      • Prepare for the role and recruit the right candidate.
  1. Talent retention
    • Consider the options available to you to help you address business requirements such as reducing costs, whilst:
      • Retaining and developing talent within your business
      • Safeguarding jobs and supporting your employees through any changes.
  1. Education and skills programmes
    • Workforce for the Future will provide education and training providers with insight on the skills and knowledge SMEs will need for the future. Engaging with education providers means your business can benefit from:
      • Influencing training programmes and curricula to develop future talent.
      • Access to a pool of placement-ready students with ongoing support provided by their FE College placement teams.
      • Engagement with potential future employees, building the profile of your business with the region’s school and college students.

Our expert partners

Our West of England Growth Hub team will work with you to understand your business requirements, and you will then be connected to one of our expert partners depending on the support you need. You will be able to work with more than one of our partners.

Workforce for the Future service providers are: