Coaching helps to motivate and develop your employees to achieve their own personal and professional goals while ensuring everyone is working towards achieving the aims of the business.

At the start of the coaching process it is important for you to engage with your employees and clearly explain the reasons why employees need to engage in the coaching process for their own professional development and the overall objectives of the company.

It is important to set goals.

Goals can be set in response to:

Goals should be set using SMART principles and should be achievable. An employee should never have more than three goals to achieve at any time. It is good to find a balance between goals that develop the employee personally and those that complement the wider objectives of the company.

Goals should evolve over time as the needs of the business and individuals change.

Once goals are set, it is important that that progress is regularly monitored to ensure that individuals are meeting their goals and any obstacles are highlighted and removed. Reviewing on a regular basis also allows the opportunity to ensure that an employee’s objectives are still in line with that of the company.

Coaching is as much about rewarding an employee as it is about strategy and goal setting. To motivate your staff there has got to be something in it for them. Special treats, an extra day’s holiday or paid-for training can be equally as motivating as extra money.

Below are a few pointers on how to conduct a good coaching session.

The GROW acronym is a good way of remembering the various steps in the coaching process.




The Goal is what the employee wishes to achieve. It is defined in such a way that it is very clear to the employee when they have achieved it. 



The Reality is where the employee is now. What are the issues and challenges? How far are they away from their goal? 



The Obstacles are anything that is stopping the employee getting from where they are now to where they want to be. If there are no Obstacles then the employee has reached their goal. 


Options are the ways identified to overcome any Obstacles to progress. 


Way Forward

The Way Forward are the actions that need to be taken to convert the Options into a reality. 

 Below is a more formalised set of questions that could be used:


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